प्रियजनको सुरक्षाको लागि “संक्रमण नहुने, संक्रमण हुन नदिने कुरा प्रति सचेत रहौं।

当法人はネパール及び日本において、両国の人的交流、経済交流及び文化交流を行う。 また、在日ネパール人への生活支援及び日本語教育に関する事業、日本人へのネパール語教育事業等を行う。かれらをもって両国の友好の一層の発展を寄与するを目的とする。

This organization in Japan takes part in the improvement of communication, economic interaction and culture exchange between Nepal and Japan.? In addition, improvement of two countries' international communication is set to be as the main objective by offering Nepali in Japan a livelihood support and Japanese language program as well as the language exchange between Nepali students and Japanese students.


Here to support Nepali in Japan, Let’s share Life together!

ネパールと日本は一世紀以上の友好関係があり、2万人を越えるネパール人が日本に在留している。留学生 特定の労働をしている人 多くのネパール人が日本において一市民として、生活している。


ネパールと日本の関係は、経済 文化 環境など様々な分野においてこれからも発展する事ができる。ネパールにおいてネパールの未来を担う子供達の教育活動を支援する事で、ネパールと日本の将来のなお一層の友好のために活動を行う。

This association supports Nepali in Japan for their adjustment to the Japanese society in various ways including work, part-time jobs, accommodation, job seminars, language training and so on.

Japan and Nepal have been in a good relationship for more than a century and now there are more than 20,000 Nepalese people in Japan. They have a life in Japan as a part of Japanese society, some are studying and some are working.

But Japanese society still seems hard for them to adjust themselves into the Japanese society because of various factors such as language issues and culture differences and Japanese society is not quite ready to accept those people.

Here’s why we stand up to support Nepali people in Japan by providing kind support for them to have an easier life in Japan. Moreover hoping that this activity leads some mutual development on our economy, culture, environment and stuff.

Our ultimate aim through this activity is Nepal/Japan bonding by supporting Nepali students who will become prospective human resources for the future of Nepal.